Risotto: How to?

In response to; “A Risotto in Winter: The trick with risotto is learning how to cook it right, which takes a certain amount of … “.     Looks great, but the actual risotto seams more than a bit “al dente” or in plain terms, raw.   Risotto in the true Northern Italian way should be creamy and lusciously  smooth! Try my simple, yet authentic Risotto recipe, (with variations): Basic Risotto Recipe Enjoy!

johanbothaRisotto: How to?

Umbrian Porchetta Recipe (Herb Scented Pork Roast)

After a tweeting session with Werner Els ( @CabernetCasanova ) about pork recipes I promised him the following rural pork dish from Italy.   I had it at a market Umbria and it changed the way I looked at pork forever. Do not be intimidated or fooled by the excessive amounts of herbs and spices used. It mellows down to transform into the perfect balance of taste. Please let me know what you think!   Porchetta (Herb Scented Pork Roast) Recipe

johanbothaUmbrian Porchetta Recipe (Herb Scented Pork Roast)